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Global Village volunteer stories

Global Village volunteers make a real difference around the world. They connect with partner families, immerse themselves in new cultures, and learn about Habitat’s mission and work.
There are countless examples of lives impacted. Here are just a few:

Part of My Heart (video)
Global Village volunteer Robin Pope takes Habitat World magazine along as she travels on a GV trip to Guangxi, China.


There’s no place like home
Longtime Global Village volunteer Jennifer Brining recounts her first Habitat trip to Botswana.

Eddie’s story and Lizz’s story 
On a trip to Kenya, first-time Global Village participants Eddie Jenkins and Lizz Bondarenko learn about themelves, about Africa and about life. 


Building a Global Village (video)
Two families from different worlds find a common language in a shared dream.

Building with Habitat in Thailand (slideshow) 
Through this series of images by Habitat photographer and Global Village team leader Ezra Millstein, travel along with a GV team and see what they built in Udon Thani, Thailand.

Building a house for Eunice
How a two-year-old girl in Gaza province, Mozambique inspired a Global Village team. 

Being an extension of what God wants us to do
Phil Kloer, Habitat for Humanity International senior writer/editor, shares the lessons he learned on a Global Village trip to rural Hungary. 

Finding adventure and meaning with Global Village
Global Village volunteer Lindsey Herbel, of Atlanta, Ga., explains how GV trips changed her life. 

Putting words into action
Shelly Ulmer and her Global Village team of 10 international volunteers celebrate World Habitat Day by building homes in Quezon City, Philippines.

Everyone can contribute (video)
Experienced team leader Kelly White explains what volunteers can accomplish when they join a Global Village team.

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