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Global Village volunteer stories

Global Village volunteers connect with partner families, make lifelong friends and learn about Habitat’s mission and work. Global Village volunteers build and renovate homes, immerse themselves in new cultures and make a difference around the world. 

There are countless examples of lives impacted. Here are just a few:

Aching arms and a happy heart
Habitat for Humanity International software developer, John Therkelsen, shares his experience as a Global Village volunteer on a trip to Bolivia.

Dawn and Nubia (video)
Dawn, a Global Village participant to San Andrea, Colombia, and Nubia, a Habitat homeowner, become friends. 
The same blood
Experienced Global Village team leader, Sheila Crowley, shares a touching story about a connection made with a homeowner in Malawi.
Destination Mozambique
First-time Global Village participant Chelsie McKnight recounts her experience in Mozambique to trip donors.
Many happy returns (slideshow)
CNN’s Arwa Damon created this audio slideshow about her Global Village trips to Malawi and Cambodia.
More than words
An excerpt from a Thrivent Builds Worldwide trip journal by Nicole Doebert about stories shared and relationships built in El Salvador despite language barriers.
The story of the Milfords and the Mariakuttys (video)
Two families find a common language in a shared dream. 

Ready to be a part of stories like these? 
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