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General worksite issues

This month I wanted to cover a couple of items that I have seen crop up on job sites which can be difficult or challenging to deal with.

Leveling and clearing of the job site:

Depending upon where you build in the US, you will run into all types of foundation construction. This usually results in a pile of dirt around the perimeter of the project. This creates a safety problem for anyone trying to use a ladder as well as walking around the job site.

Often, taking a few hours at the beginning of the project and leveling the job site with shovels, or a tractor in some cases, is well worth the time and effort. You will have to work with the construction supervisor regarding grading or clearing to make the job site safe for volunteers.

Keeping the job site clear of construction debris:

The key problem is that having miscellaneous items under foot create trip hazards. Having the group pick up scraps and organizing the materials at the end of each day assures that you can
start the job fresh and with the site clear the next day.

If this is done at the same time as picking up the tools it should not add more than 10 minutes to closing down the site for the day.

Volunteers under 18 years old:

This is controlled by Federal and State Law, as well as the affiliate’s insurance.

  1. Children under 16 are not allowed on an active construction job site.
  2. Children age 16 and 17 may work on a construction site if their parent or guardian is working with them.
  3. Sixteen- and 17-year-olds are not allowed to use power tools and cannot work on a roof.

Please keep these rules in mind if you are traveling with children or grandchildren.

Work safe,
Frank Peccia,
Keizer, Oregon