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What to do when you see a safety problem

One of the areas that needs some consistency among all of us Care-A-Vanners is the question of what to do if you see a safety problem. If it’s something that you as a team member can help correct, or suggest a change to a coworker who is at risk, then certainly go ahead and do it.

If you see something that is affecting a group of people, or a person is asked to do something that you see as inherently unsafe, and making a suggestion to the person at risk is not the solution, then express your concern to your team leaders for that build. It’s their responsibility to manage the overall relationship with the affiliate and safety for the Care-A-Vanners on the job site.

Team leaders will look at the problem or unsafe condition and decide what action to take or not take. Normally if something is not able to be solved by a simple change in how something is done, then the team leaders may need to contact the construction manager on the site to resolve the unsafe situation. This usually solves the problem.

If the team leaders are not able to resolve the problem with the site construction manager, then the team leaders have the option of calling the Care-A-Vanner desk to discuss the problem. Each step elevates the problem up the line of authority until there is resolution.

In summary the communication is:

  1. Team members should always try to assist other team members in an unsafe situation or contact the team leaders if unable to do so.
  2. It’s the team leader’s role to engage the affiliate or the Care-A-Vanner desk if needed.
  3. If we all follow this process then we will minimize confusion and miscommunication between the team and affiliate while ensuring a safe work site.

Work safe,
Frank Peccia,
Keizer, Oregon