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The benefits of volunteering on a Global Village trip

  • You will have an opportunity to contribute to Habitat’s work and create positive change in the world.
  • You will learn about poverty housing, development challenges and Habitat’s mission to eradicate them.
  • You will experience the community’s culture, language and social practices while working alongside homeowners and volunteers of all backgrounds, races and religions.
  • You will take part in a transformative, lifelong journey that may ignite your passion for making this world a better place. 

What Global Village trips are like 
While every Global Village trip is different; you can expect to gain once-in-a-lifetime experiences and memories. Itineraries are balanced with plenty of work, rest and free time. During your trip, you will do more than help build houses―you will become part of the local community and participate in cultural activities. 

Where you can go
Available Global Village work trips.

Trip costs
Global Village trip costs vary, but all payments include a donation to the host community’s Habitat program, in-country transportation, food, accommodations and travel medical insurance.

Funding your trip
If you are interested in fundraising to pay for your trip costs, you can find helpful information on our resources page

Who can volunteer 

  • Anyone who wants to make a difference by picking up a hammer and helping to change lives.
  • There is no maximum age limit. Please read the Global Village minor policy for information regarding volunteers under the age of 18.
  • Many of the trips require strenuous manual labor, so all participants should be in good health.

Groups should call our office to request potential locations and dates. It takes at least six months to properly prepare for an international assignment. Team size commonly ranges from eight to 15 participants. To arrange for a group trip, please contact the Global Village team.

Volunteer team leaders 
Team leaders are responsible for planning all aspects of the Global Village trip and generally have participated on a trip before leading. Team leaders are not paid for their work, but leader expenses may be incorporated into the team budget. For more details, read Becoming a Global Village Team Leader.

General information to consider

  • Passport
    In most cases, you need a current passport that is valid for at least six months beyond your travel dates. Some countries may also require a visa.
  • Language fluency
    There is no language requirement for participating in a GV trip. Team leaders can arrange for an interpreter if needed.
  • Work site safety
    The on-site construction supervisor will instruct volunteers in the correct procedure for performing each task and will familiarize them with the potential hazards and how such hazards can be minimized or avoided.
  • Health and personal safety
    The health and safety of GV team members is a top priority. We stay informed of the latest travel advisories from several countries. The participant, however, has the responsibility of understanding the associated risks and making the final decision to participate with a team.

    How to apply 
    Learn more and fill out the online Global Village application

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Global Village volunteer stories

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