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Students and youngsters are Habitat for Humanity champions in the struggle to overcome the scourge of substandard housing

Habitat for Humanity engages school and college students along with youth groups to join other young people around the world who are serving with those in need.

Involvement with a Habitat for Humanity program helps youngsters to expand their worldview, grow personally and spiritually, and develop professional skills, and most importantly make a difference in the lives of families in need of decent shelter

Rise to the Challenge - Make a Difference
Young people can make a difference by:

  • Learning first-hand how poverty housing undermines the life chances of children and adults alike.
  • Acting in ways to raise a voice, hammer a nail, lay a brick, post a blog and so much more

Five Ways to Get Involved

  • ADVOCATE: Raise awareness about the problem and the solutions. Lobby leaders in your community to join the fight. Make your voice heard in the fight for decent homes for all”.
  • FUND RAISE: Raise money to provide proper homes in communities you care about.
  • BUILD: Join a build team and work on homes in your local community. Or travel overseas and make transform lives on a Global Village trip. To find out about volunteer opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region, click here.
  • LEAD: Organize, lead and inspire others to address the issue of substandard housing or form a team and build in a local community or overseas.
  • BLOG: Spread the word and get the word out on one of Habitat’s many social networking sites

Come And Join Us
Organized and led by young people like you, Habitat campus chapters and community youth groups are active in schools, colleges, universities and neighborhoods across the Asia-Pacific region, and around the world.

To locate your nearest Habitat for Humanity campus chapters and community youth in the Asia-Pacific region please view this listing.

No chapter or group near you, but want to find out more? Please contact [email protected]

BLOG, DANCE. SING. PARTY. CRY. LAUGH: …. And build friendships that transcend races, cultures and faiths as you have the time of your life.

In partnership

Across the Asia-Pacific region, our work is made possible by our generous corporate, foundation and government partners.

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