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Habitat for Humanity

Asia-Pacific Regional Office

3rd Floor, 111 Paseo Condo Building Tower 1,
Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippines
Phone: +632 8 540 2177
Fax: +63 2 553 2233
Email: [email protected]


Where to find your local Habitat for Humanity office in the Asia-Pacific region


View a map for more details about where Habitat builds in the Asia-Pacific area.

Suspected illegal or unethical activity

Habitat for Humanity is committed to supporting a respectful and ethical workplace, properly stewarding our donors’ funds and resources, and safeguarding the rights of those we serve. When an individual wishes to report concerns anonymously or when regular means of reporting concerns have not resolved an issue, the MySafeWorkplace® hotline can be used to communicate concerns to Habitat 24 hours a day.

MySafeWorkplace is an independent, third-party service that instantly forwards your report to the appropriate Habitat contact for confidential review and safe and proper handling. For concerns of suspected illegal or unethical activity (e.g. alleged theft, fraud, conflicts of interest, threats of violence, discrimination, abuse, harassment, or safety issues), please contact the MySafeWorkplace hotline via: