House with flowers, Philippines

Support Habitat for Humanity’s Work


Two simple ways to help a family in need today with an on-line donation.

Where The Need is Greatest

Habitat for Humanity works in dozens of countries where neighbors help neighbors transform communities by building simple, decent homes. Through this collective effort, ONE family in need of affordable housing is impacted every 21 minutes. You can help ensure such transformations continue to happen and that Habitat for Humanity continues to have the resources and ability to deliver them. Yes, I want to donate where the need is greatest.

 Help A Family In A Specific Country

Shelter from rain, wind and sun is a basic human need. Help a family in need shelter, self-respect and hope of a better life in a country of your choice. Every bit of help you can give counts as these families work hard together with Habitat for Humanity to break out of poverty. Yes, I want to donate to a specific country in the Asia-Pacific region.