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Celebratory Prayer

Dear God,

We lift up our thanks and praise to you with grateful hearts and joyful spirits!

This week the entire Habitat for Humanity family celebrates as the walls are being raised on the 300,000th and 300,001st Habitat houses built worldwide.

We are grateful for each home that was guided by your loving hands and built by volunteers and homeowners families.

With your help, our ministry has provided homes and hope for 1.5 million people in more than 90 countries around the world.

We are amazed, overjoyed and incredibly thankful!

Your Spirit has guided, blessed, inspired and sustained Habitat for Humanity over the years; and we are so grateful to be a part of what you have done in and through our homeowners, volunteers, donors and staff members.

We thank you for your guidance and help here in our community, and we ask that you continue to inspire and lead us as we serve families in need.

Thank you for providing us with such dedicated volunteers who have made Habitat’s ministry possible.

We are grateful for each person who has given so generously by building, serving on committees, working in the office or at a Restore, preparing a meal, taking a Global Village trip or making a donation.

We ask for your continued blessings upon the Habitat for Humanity family as we work together to bring an end to poverty housing in our world.

We pray that you will continue to look upon us with kindness and grace, and we ask that you multiply our efforts and resources to meet the needs of millions of families who are in need of shelter.

We ask that you give us a vision so great and awesome that when it is accomplished, we can only give you the credit and praise.

We acknowledge that without your help and guidance that Habitat for Humanity would not be where the ministry is today and for that we thank you and give you praise!

We humbly ask for your continued guidance in the days ahead as we move forward being a witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ in whose name we pray,