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Aging in place in the Peach State

Home provides a strong sense of security and comfort — this is especially true for older adults. In Georgia alone, hundreds of homeowners across the state have partnered with their local Habitat to preserve their homes and their independence.

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Investing in innovation in India

In November 2020, Tvasta Manufacturing printed a 600-square-foot home in concrete over the course of 30 days, made possible with investment from Habitat’s ShelterTech. With improvements, the start-up hopes to cut that time down to about a week.

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Seeds of stability

Habitat Mexico was helping families construct safe and durable homes near Camilo’s village and he frequently made the hours-long journey on horseback to their work site to check on their progress, learn about Habitat’s construction program and try to convince them to expand their program to his hometown further south — his persistence paid off.

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