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Make a big impact with a small monthly gift

Habitat HopeBuilders are a special group of our most valued partners dedicated to helping families in need of safe, affordable housing in their communities and around the world.

HopeBuilders make small, automatic donations every month, which makes it easier for Habitat to plan long-term, budget more efficiently and create more life-changing outcomes. You choose how much to give and for how long, and you can change your amount or cancel at any time.

Become a HopeBuilder today and help make this a world where everyone has a safe, decent place to live.

“Helping folks all around the world to have a real opportunity to live safe and productive lives is about as good as it gets. Habitat delivers. Your investment pays off big time.”
— John and Nancy Stewart, Habitat HopeBuilders

Why donate to Habitat?

Affordable housing makes a difference:

A young woman in a blue hard hat works on the siding of her future Habitat home.

Nou Vang built her Habitat house with the help of volunteers in 2019. “I believe everyone deserves a chance to have this feeling of security, serenity and hope,” she says.

Why donate monthly?


Tailored to you

With small payments spread out month to month, becoming a HopeBuilder can fit any budget. Even small amounts can make a big impact.



Your donation occurs automatically each month. You can change the amount or cancel any time.


Impact all year long

HopeBuilders make a difference every day with reliable, ongoing donations.

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All HopeBuilder donors at any level will receive:

  • Monthly statements online
  • Free annual calendar
  • Subscription to our flagship publication, Habitat magazine

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