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Position title Position location
Community Outreach Coordinator - 2023-24 Wilmington, NC
Construction & Volunteer Services Coordinator - 2022-23 Visalia, CA
Construction Systems Development VISTA - 2022-23 Dade City, FL
Homeowner Services Coordinator - 2022-23 Anchorage, AK
Long-term Disaster Recovery Outreach Coordinator - 2022-23 New Orleans, LA
Project Development VISTA - 2023-24 Wappingers Falls, NY
Project Development VISTA Leader - 2022-23 Atlanta, GA
Resource & Communications Development VISTA - 2022-23 Visalia, CA
Resource Development VISTA - 2022-23 Saint Helens, OR
ReStore Development VISTA - 2022-23 Tulsa, OK

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