A volunteer hammering on a build site.

Ongoing building opportunities

Find ongoing building opportunities for RV Care-A-Vanners

The list below contains contact information for local Habitat for Humanity offices that may be able to accommodate individual RV Care-A-Vanners at times beyond scheduled RV Care-A-Vanner builds.

These local Habitats provide tools and materials. Full-time construction supervision may not be available on-site at all times, and lunches generally are not provided. You may be working alone, with other RV Care-A-Vanners or with local volunteers.  The local Habitat is not obligated to provide RV sites.

If you are interested in building with one of these local Habitats, use the contact information listed. Please do not drop in without contacting them first, as they may be hosting an organized build team or not positioned to use your assistance at that time.

After a build, please contact the RV Care-A-Vanner office at [email protected] or 1-800-422-4828, ext. 7534, to report the number of hours and houses you worked on.

Habitats with ongoing building opportunities

Local Habitats are organized by region. Within each region, they are organized geographically: west to east or north to south.


Habitat for Humanity North Bay and Blue Sky Region, North Bay, Ontario. Contact Lise Roy, at 705-495-6244 volunte[email protected].

Habitat for Humanity Vancouver Island North, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  Contact Lynnette Hornung at 250-830-1493, ext. 223, or [email protected].

Eastern United States

Southern United States

Midwestern United States

Western United States

Available RV Care-A-Vanner builds

With Habitat’s RV Care-A-Vanner program, you can travel in your RV to build sites across the U.S. and Canada and work alongside families as they build a foundation for a brighter future! See what builds are available.

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