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  • Habitat began working in Brazil in 1992.
  • Individuals served in FY2021 –  4,325
    • Through repairs –            1,455
    • Through incremental building –   2,360
    • Through market development –   510
  • Volunteers hosted in FY2020 –   1,290



Capital city -- Brasilia
Population 212.6 million
Life expectancy76.8 years
Unemployment rate -12.6%
Below poverty line12.8%

The housing need in Brazil

Brazil faces a shortage of more than 6 million homes. People earning less than US$1,000 per month account for about 90% of this deficit. It is estimated that more than 25 million Brazilians live in inadequate conditions. In the cities, overcrowding and housing deterioration are among some problems. According to data from several sources, 35 million people in urban areas lack access to drinking water, 14 million do not have trash collection services and 100 million are not connected to sewage systems.

People living in rural areas in the northeast region are currently suffering the worst drought in  50 years. In this area, access to water is a privilege, unavailable to over 26% of the population.

How Habitat addresses the need

Housing construction and improvement

Housing is a constitutional right and fundamental to the development of families and communities. For 30 years, Habitat Brazil has partnered with approximately 87,000 people in urban and rural areas to build or repair a place they call home. We work to transform unhealthy homes into safe and healthy homes so that families can build a better future.

Access to water and sanitation
The lack of access to water and sanitation for vulnerable populations has affected the health of millions of Brazilians for many years and the COVID-19 pandemic aggravated this situation. To address this problem, Habitat Brazil’s projects include the renovation of toilets, repair of water facilities, installation of community sinks, and construction of cisterns for rainwater collection and storage in urban and rural communities.

Habitat Brazil actively works in public policy advocacy with the goal of reducing the housing deficit and impacting more families. To date, Habitat Brazil has advocated for secure tenure and helped approve resolutions with the potential to impact people who do not have a guaranteed right to housing in the state of Pernambuco.

Networking and strengthening partnerships
Habitat Brazil acts as a catalyst within a national network of multiple stakeholders and partners to provide access to housing, water, and sanitation solutions for vulnerable Brazilian families and communities. We seek to strengthen civil society organizations and social businesses, as well as local entrepreneurship, grassroots community organizations and Habitat homeowners

What you can do


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The Global Village program was suspended in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please go to for updates, including when and where the program will resume.


Habitat affiliates in the U.S. can establish a tithe partnership to help build houses. Write BRAZIL on checks sent to: Habitat for Humanity International, Attn: Affiliate Tithe, 322 West Lamar St., Americus, GA 31709


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