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Country Facts:

  • Capital  Dublin / Belfast
  • Population – (total) 6.8 million 
  • Life expectancy  81 years
  • Unemployment rate – 4.8%

Find more country facts on: CIA The World Factbook – Ireland


Habitat Facts

  • Now working together across Ireland, Habitat started in Northern Ireland in 1994 and in the Republic of Ireland in 2002.
  • Individuals served In FY19  15
  • Through repairs  15
  • FY19 funds raised for international support  $459,178
  • Volunteers mobilized in FY19 – 4,033
  • Individuals helped through Habitat ReStore  43,000


Habitat in Ireland and Northern Ireland

In Ireland and Northern Ireland, Habitat brings people together from across the community to serve the most vulnerable, mobilizing hundreds of volunteers as the hearts, hands and voices for its work. 

It raises funds to support long-term partner programs in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Our Habitat ReStore serves thousands of low-income families by providing access to low-cost home improvement materials, delivering skills-based employability and learning programs, and diverting tons of material from landfills. 


How Habitat addresses the need in Ireland

International partnerships

Habitat’s international partnerships focus on strategic themes of peace building, disaster response and mitigation, vulnerable groups, and the impacts of urbanization. These partnerships support Habitat’s every day work in Ethiopia, Cambodia, Malawi, Zambia, India and Romania. This includes, for example, funding for a Habitat Cambodia project helping to strengthen the resilience and security of the most at-risk urban informal settlements in Battambang City, enabling families to be better prepared for disasters and significant economic and social hazards. 


Global Village construction volunteer program

In order to maximise the impact of our support, volunteers from Ireland and Northern Ireland travel internationally to help construct Habitat homes with families, to learn about other cultures and to speak out about the global need for safe shelter. 


Habitat ReStore

Since opening the first ReStore in Europe seven years ago, and now having four stores in Northern Ireland, we demonstrate significant and sustainable impact for local people and the wider community. More than 150 volunteers invest 2,500 hours every month in helping low-income families access low-cost home improvement materials. Hundreds of tons of reusable material is diverted from landfill, protecting the environment.


‘House to Home’ program

Our House to Home program supports vulnerable people who have been homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless to sustain their tenancies, helping them to make a house a home. This includes redecoration, light-touch repairs or support with furniture through ReStore and provides a platform for volunteer engagement.


Build Solid Ground campaign across Ireland

Focusing on UN-Habitat’s Sustainable Development Goals, the Build Solid Ground campaign is raising awareness and engaging people of all ages across Ireland in development issues. The campaign prioritizes SDG 11 and the need for land for shelter and is fully integrated in key strategic programs, including ReStore, Global Village and youth engagement.


What you can do


Donations designated to Ireland support local and long-term international partner programs.


There are opportunities to volunteer at Habitat ReStore, at events, on-site locally, or globally, supporting Habitat’s long-term partner programs.



Email: [email protected]


  • Lisburn office  +44 28 92 635 635
  • Dublin office   +353 1 531 0033




Stories and news

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