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  • Habitat started in Mexico in 1989.
  • Individuals served in FY2021 –    149,630
    • Through new construction –            3,950
    • Through incremental building –   11,025
    • Through repairs –   275
    • Through market development –   134,380
  • Volunteers hosted in FY2020 –  666



Capital city Mexico City
Population 128 million

Life expectancy75 years
Unemployment rate3.7%
Below poverty line -- 43.9%

The housing need in Mexico

According to data from the National Housing Commission, there are 34.8 million homes in Mexico, indicating some progress has been made in meeting the housing demand.

Out of these homes, however, 8.5 million units have various issues ranging from overcrowding and lack of sanitation services to deficiencies in construction materials. In addition, 71.6% of the homes with defects require support for improvement, 16.3% need to be replaced and 12.1% require an extension.

How Habitat addresses the need

Home building

We partner with low-income families by providing construction technical assistance, so they can build, improve or expand their homes while meeting the necessary safety, quality, and habitability conditions. We also support the acquisition and financing of materials for self-construction. At the same time, we develop and strengthen the capacities of families through workshops on healthy housing, family finances, and community organization.

Disaster response

We responded to the September 2017 earthquake in Mexico by rebuilding safe, permanent, and habitable housing. We also conduct training to raise awareness of the need to reduce the risks of building in hazardous locations.

Sustainable projects

We work with families and communities to minimize the impact on the environment through the incorporation of new building systems, reinforcement of community infrastructure, eco-technologies such as rainwater harvesting, dry toilets, kitchen gardens, and wood-saving stoves, among others. We complement this with educational trainings to improve the adaptation and use of these solutions.

Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter in Mexico

Habitat’s Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter in Mexico works through partnerships with civil society organizations, microfinancing institutions, and businesses to facilitate more efficient and inclusive housing market systems for the country’s low-income families.

Special projects

Addressing both the economic and health fallouts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, these projects include the generation of employment opportunities; improvement of hygienic practices; home-based businesses; green home improvements; and increasing access to water and sanitation facilities for homes and communities.

What you can do


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The Global Village program was suspended in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please go to for updates, including when and where the program will resume.


Habitat affiliates in the U.S. can establish a tithe partnership to help build houses. Write  MEXICO on checks sent to: Habitat for Humanity International, Attn: Affiliate Tithe, 322 West Lamar St., Americus, GA 31709


Habitat for Humanity Mexico, A.C. Av. Xola 162, Col. Alamos, Del. Benito Juarez, C.P.03400, Mexico, D.F. Phone: +52 (55) 5519 0113, [email protected]



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