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  • Habitat started in Mexico in 1989.
  • Individuals served in FY2022 –    315,820
    • Through new construction –            4,495
    • Through incremental building –   4,185
    • Through repairs –   430
    • Through market development –   306,710
  • Volunteers engaged in FY2022 –  446



Capital city Mexico City
Population 128 million

Life expectancy78 years
Unemployment rate2.8%
Below poverty line -- 52.8%

The housing need in Mexico

According to data from the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy, more than half of Mexico’s population is living below the poverty line. Their economic vulnerability limits their ability to meet their housing needs. There is currently a qualitative housing deficit of more than 14 million homes in the country, and self-produced housing represents 64.3% of national production.

This situation is even more serious in southeastern Mexico, particularly among the native populations. More than three-quarters, or 79%, of their homes need to be improved. In the state of Chiapas alone, 96.5% of the population does not have safe homes.

As of 2016, an estimated 23.7 million Mexicans lacked access to basic services. Among them, 7.6% lacked access to water; 6.8% had no drainage at home; 0.4% did not have access to electricity; and 11.7% used firewood or coal for cooking and did not have a chimney.

How Habitat addresses the need


Habitat Mexico recognizes housing as a fundamental human right and promotes the self-production of assisted housing. We aim to meet the housing needs of families, according to individual and regional practices and customs as well as the climatic conditions of the place where they live.

Sustainable projects

We work with families and communities to minimize the impact on the environment through the incorporation of new building systems, reinforcement of community infrastructure, eco-technologies such as rainwater harvesting, dry toilets, kitchen gardens, and wood-saving stoves, among others. We complement the initiatives through knowledge-sharing and skills training to promote the adaptation and use of such solutions.

Impact of concrete floor initiative
A regional initiative “100,000 floors to play on” aims to replace unsafe, dirt floors with concrete floors in Mexico. We partner with families who live in poor housing conditions, focusing on female-headed households and families with children under six years of age, older adults, and/or people with disabilities. We empower community leaders and ensure adequate logistical oversight for upgrading floors with the objective of making steady progress through public-private partnerships.

Building inclusive markets
Habitat’s Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter in Mexico works through partnerships with civil society organizations, microfinancing institutions, and businesses to facilitate more efficient and inclusive housing market systems for the country’s low-income families.

What you can do


Please donate at or email [email protected]


Under the Global Village program, builds have resumed in select locations in the Latin America and Caribbean region. Please visit for more information and updates.


Habitat affiliates in the U.S. support the international work through an annual tithe. For additional information, email [email protected] or contact your local Habitat organization.


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