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Country Facts:


  • Capital city – Amsterdam
  • Population  17 million
  • Life expectancy  82 years
  • Unemployment rate – 4%
  • GDP per capita  US$57,700


Habitat Facts

  • Habitat started in the Netherlands in 1993.
  • Volunteers mobilized in FY2022  21
  • Funds raised in FY2022 – 2.6 million €

Habitat for Humanity in the Netherlands

Habitat for Humanity Nederland was founded in April 1993 with the goal to raise funds and awareness for Habitat’s work worldwide. The national office is located in Hoofddorp, near Amsterdam. Our main donors and partners are from the corporate sector or from institutional and family foundations, often with a strong link to the banking and construction industries.

Habitat for Humanity Nederland partners with a wide range of supporters, including individual donors, service clubs and development organizations. Since 1993, we have supported projects in more than 30 countries around the world.

Habitat Nederland’s focus

Build with the most vulnerable

Habitat’s vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Habitat for Humanity Nederland has supported many projects around the globe over the past 30 years, from adapted housing for children with disabilities in Uganda and climate-smart housing in Cambodia to creating jobs for youth in the construction sector in Kenya, supporting earthquake recovery in Haiti and Nepal, and providing safe shelter for refugees from Ukraine. The organization engages in a variety of initiatives to provide the most vulnerable families with safe and decent housing, running water and proper sanitation, recognizing the broader effects of housing in areas such as health, livelihoods and education. In FY22, Habitat Nederland supported 5,389 people per month on average.

In the Netherlands, Habitat seeks to inform and educate as many people as possible about the global housing crisis and our own work. We involve supporters in global work, motivate them to raise funds for Habitat’s international programs and mobilize them to support our cause. 

What you can do


Donate to Habitat for Humanity Nederland.


You can help us with your fundraising activities in many ways — participate in one of our building trips, run the Dam to Dam or start your own fundraiser, for example with your school. Everything is possible. Create your own fundraising page and involve your family, friends and colleagues. 

Habitat’s Global Village program is resuming region by region until a safe and quality experience can be provided at scale worldwide. Please visit for more information


Habitat for Humanity Nederland 
Kruisweg 971C, CE Hoofddorp

Phone: +31 20 800 29 70
Email: [email protected] 


Stories and news

Jordan's Middle East Refugee Crisis Initiative (MERCI): Addressing the Challenge of Decent Housing

Jordan, home to one of the highest per capita shares of refugees in the world, faces significant challenges. Out of its 11 million population, one-third are refugees from neighboring countries like Palestine, Syria, and Iraq. Most have arrived in the last two decades due to regional conflicts, exerting immense pressure on the country’s public services, energy resources, and notably its water supply, as Jordan is one of the most water-scarce nations globally. For low-income families, securing decent housing is a major challenge due to economic conditions. With an unemployment rate of approximately 26%, over 2 million Jordanians lack access to affordable housing, and 1.36 million live in poor conditions. According to the UNHCR, 80% of refugees in Jordan live below the poverty line, including 60% who live in extreme poverty.

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Habitat for Humanity and James Hardie extend their partnership to activities in Europe

June 24, 2024

BRATISLAVA (June 7, 2024)  James Hardie, a global leader in high-performance building solutions, has announced extending their partnership to activities in Europe. This initiative follows the successful collaboration between James Hardie and Habitat for Humanity in the United States, where the two organizations have worked together to empower homeowners and build resilient homes.

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