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Country Facts:

  • Population: 17 million
  • Urbanization: 91.5%
  • Life expectancy: 81 years
  • Unemployment rate: 4.9%


Habitat Facts

  • Date when Habitat started working in the country: 1993
  • Volunteers mobilized for global projects: More than 6,500
  • Funds raised: More than € 32.6 million


Habitat for Humanity in the Netherlands

Habitat for Humanity Netherlands was founded in April 1993 with the goal to raise funds and awareness for Habitat’s work worldwide. The national office is located in Amsterdam. Its board of directors consists of members from the construction industry, banking and advertising.


How Habitat for Humanity works in the Netherlands

Habitat for Humanity Netherlands raises funds to support Habitat projects globally. Its main donors and partners are from the corporate sector, with a strong link to financial and construction businesses. In addition, Habitat Netherlands partners with all types of donors, sponsors and supporters, including individual donors, service clubs, and development organizations.


How Habitat Netherlands addresses the need around the world

Since 1993, Habitat for Humanity Netherlands has supported projects in over 30 countries. In Nepal, for example, Habitat Netherlands supports a special project that empowers women by training them to cultivate bamboo for the production of eco-friendly and sustainable houses. In Cambodia, a rural water project is supported, providing clean drinking water solutions for both the local communities and schools. In Lesotho, Habitat Netherlands contributes to the Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s project, securing decent and simple housing for this extremely vulnerable group.


Our programs

Disaster response projects
After the Haiti earthquake in January 2010, Habitat Netherlands secured over $2 million to support disaster response activities on the island through a cooperation of Dutch aid organizations and other donors. Habitat Netherlands has supported disaster response programs in more than 10 countries worldwide, totaling over $ 7 million. Examples include emergency relief and rebuilding programs in the Philippines in response to super typhoon Haiyan and in Nepal after the 2015 earthquakes.

Building trips
In a country where housing is not as much an issue as in many other countries, the most direct and impactful way to mobilize the Dutch for Habitat’s cause is by participating in Habitat’s Global Village volunteer building trips. Habitat Netherlands´ Global Village program is a successful engagement program, with many corporate teams, service clubs, and special teams (CEOs, women, parent/child). Teams travel outside the Netherlands to one of Habitat’s projects where participants work with future homeowners and local construction workers for one week. A third of Habitat Netherlands´ funds is raised through the Global Village program. Since the start of the Global Village program in 1999, Habitat Netherlands has sent out approximately 300 teams and 6,500 participants, making it a substantial contributor to Habitat for Humanity´s global program.


Building alongside future homeowners

“During my first Global Village trip I became incredibly enthusiastic about Habitat. That’s the reason I decided to become a volunteer team leader for Habitat Netherlands. I have been on many Global Village trips since and have built in several countries. Recently I brought my own team to Nepal. Leading teams is a unique and touching experience and I feel really privileged that I can help build a better world.” - Global Village team leader Margo de Kok


What you can do

You can help families around the world improve their living conditions by taking one or more of the following actions:


Volunteer: Join a Global Village trip to one of the Habitat projects around the world. For more information contact us at




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