North Macedonia

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North Macedonia

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Country Facts:


  • Capital city – Skopje
  • Population  2 million
  • Life expectancy  78 years
  • Unemployment rate  16%
  • Below poverty line  22%

Find more country facts on: CIA The World Factbook – Macedonia


Habitat Facts

Habitat started in 2004.

Individuals served in FY2022 – 36,020

o    Through repairs – 690

o    Through incremental – 330

o    Through market development – 35,000

Volunteers (local) engaged in FY2022 – 40


The housing need in Macedonia

In recent decades North Macedonia’s economic and social progress has been hampered by regional tensions and obstructed participation in European integration processes. Housing needs are significant, due in large part to the poor quality of housing stock inherited from the country’s centrally planned economy period.

In addition, the weak economy and loss of perspective have triggered massive internal and external migration, resulting in a lack of decent and affordable housing in cities, while many homes in rural areas sit abandoned. On the outskirts of cities, people live in slum-like neighborhoods, in overcrowded, often improvised homes lacking essential infrastructure. Habitat for Humanity Macedonia’s priorities include renovation of the housing stock, providing policy advice, management services and housing finance for improving energy efficiency of the multi-family residential buildings.


How Habitat addresses the need

Microfinance partnerships

Pioneering partnerships with microfinance institutions based on capital mobilization for joint revolving funds are the main driver of our strategy of creating impact catalyzed through others. As of June 2022, 4,339 clients have been served through these partnerships with US$12.83 million disbursed, while maintaining zero days and zero U.S, dollar in arrears over an 18-year period.


New builds with volunteer support

Since 2008, our New Builds program has focused on providing affordable homes in apartment buildings. As of June 2022, 48 homes in six apartment buildings have been completed with volunteer engagement. During this period Habitat Macedonia has hosted124 Global Village teams comprising 1,758 international volunteers, achieving overall evaluation score of 97%.


Energy-efficient homes

Since 2010, reconstruction works were carried out on 72 buildings with 2,033 apartments, resulting in annual energy savings of 9,185 MWh and annual carbon dioxide emission reductions of 4,261 tons. Following the European green agenda and the need to address the energy poverty in multi-apartment buildings, Habitat Macedonia focuses on promoting standards for energy use at national and municipal levels by implementing several European Union-funded projects. In addition, homeowners can access services through the online resource center as well as through physical energy efficiency resource centers.


Housing market development

Habitat for Humanity works with market actors to expand low-income families’ access to innovative housing products, services and financing. Since 2016, Habitat Macedonia has taken a lead firm-based approach with a strong enabling environment component, serving 10,225 people in fiscal year 2022.

Urban development

With EU funding, we are supporting inclusive and sustainable development of Roma communities in two municipalities. We are developing detailed urban plans for over 1.5 million square meters of densely populated areas with slum-like neighborhoods.  A total of 66 illegally built houses were legalized while 330 incremental housing units were completed. Engaging the Roma communities, we renovated the pediatric ambulance and improved waste collection.


What you can do


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Join one of the scheduled Global Village trips to North Macedonia or lead your own. Contact us to learn more: [email protected].


All affiliate tithe gifts are sent internationally to serve families outside of the United States. To support the work of Habitat MACEDONIA, please send your tithe to: Habitat for Humanity International P.O. Box 6598 Americus, GA 31709-3498.





The Global Village program is resuming region by region until a safe and quality experience can be provided at scale worldwide. Please visit for more information.


Habitat affiliates in the U.S. support the international work through an annual tithe. For additional information, email [email protected] or contact your local Habitat organization.


Venda Adzieva, program manager, at [email protected]




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