Mother and her adolescent daughter smiling and embracing

Habitat for Humanity capacity statements

See our global capacity overview or visit the country links below to read Habitat’s country level capacity statements, which include specific areas of programming and expertise. We work in sectors ranging from land tenure security and disaster response to microfinance and water, sanitation and hygiene, or WASH.

Mother and her taller adolescent son smiling together
Global capacity overview
Older Bangladesh woman in doorway
Bangladesh capacity statement
Bolivian family of five in front of their home
Bolivia capacity statement
Brazilian woman smiling as she opens the gate to her pink house.
Brazil capacity statement
Cambodian children riding bikes in front of their home.
Cambodia capacity statement
Large group smiling in front of brick home in Côte d’Ivoire.
Côte d’Ivoire capacity statement
Wheelbarrow leaning against a brick wall
El Salvador capacity statement
Ethiopian children drinking water
Ethiopia capacity statement
Guatemalan girl smiling in her doorway.
Guatemala capacity statement
Orange Habitat house in Honduras
Honduras capacity statement
Kenyan man in front of home with banana trees
Kenya capacity statement
Three Malawian girls in dresses smiling together
Malawi capacity statement
Brick house in Nepal
Nepal capacity statement
Five Vietnamese children playing together and laughing
Vietnam capacity statement
Zambian women pumping water from a well
Zambia capacity statement