Our Better Angels book cover.

Our Better Angels

By Jonathan Reckford, Habitat for Humanity CEO, with a foreword by Jimmy Carter

Our Better Angels: Seven Simple Virtues That Will Change Your Life and the World

Now available in paperback

Habitat for Humanity CEO Jonathan Reckford has seen time and again the powerful benefits that arise when people from all walks of life work together to help one another. In his book, Our Better Angels: Seven Simple Virtues That Will Change Your Life and the World, he shares stories of Habitat volunteers and future homeowners.

These individuals embody seven timeless virtues — kindness, community, empowerment, joy, respect, generosity and service — and their stories show how we all can work to improve the quality of our own lives as well as the lives of those around us.

    President Jimmy Carter shares how Habitat for Humanity has impacted him and the world in this excerpt from his foreword for the audiobook version of Our Better Angels.

    “It has been our honor to work with Habitat for Humanity and see these seven virtues in practice. When we look outside of ourselves, we experience a glimpse of who we can be. Jonathan’s book reminds us to love one another. Amazing things happen when we do!”
    — Habitat Humanitarians Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood

    A Vietnam veteran finds peace where he once was engaged in war. A struggling single mother offers her family’s time and energy to enrich their neighbors’ lives. A Zambian family of nine living in a makeshift tent makes room to shelter even more. A teenager grieving for his mother honors her love and memory by ensuring other people have a place to call home. A former president of the United States leads by example with a determined work ethic that motivates everyone around him.

    These stories, and many others, illustrate how virtues become values, how cooperation becomes connection, and how even the smallest act of compassion can encourage actions that transform the world around us. Embrace with passion the calling of our better angels to change the way we take care of ourselves, our families, our communities and the world!

    “We are grateful to Jonathan Reckford for sharing such moving stories about transformation and for showing how easy it is for all of us to choose to help and strengthen others, rather than to hurt and weaken them. This book is for humanity: Read it whether you’re a kid, a grandparent, or anyone in between. It will spark an instant realization of how even the smallest acts of kindness or respect can fundamentally change someone’s path for the better.”
    — Habitat Humanitarians Drew and Jonathan Scott

    A conversation: Jonathan Reckford and Jimmy Carter

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    Graphic of book cover and quote that reads: “Great stories… Drives home the very important point that performing a service helps you, too.” – The New York Times Book Review

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