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Better World Starts at Home

in partnership with The IKEA Foundation

Communities need energy to run businesses, schools and hospitals. Parents need it at work, where they earn an income, and at home, where they cook and refrigerate food. As the sun sets, children need it for studying and playing, all the while keeping safe and out of the dark. Yet worldwide, millions of vulnerable families lack access to reliable energy sources.


This is why The IKEA Foundation and its five partners, Habitat for HumanityOne Acre Fund, Rainforest Alliance, SELCO Foundation and UNHCR, have joined efforts for A Better World Starts at Home campaign.


Bringing power to the people

When it comes to energy, sub-Saharan Africa is rich in resources but lacking in supplies. It is expected that the region will significantly lag behind the rest of the world in access to energy by 2030. Millions of people still will not have access to affordable renewable energy solutions. The IKEA Foundation campaign A Better World Starts at Home will support Habitat for Humanity’s efforts to bring power to more people in the East Africa region.

By involving communities, governments, families and local enterprises in designing, supporting and providing access to renewable energy solutions, Habitat for Humanity aims to make renewable energy the default choice for homes, helping approximately 70,000 children and their families in Uganda.


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Graphics: access to affordable energy solutions around the world