Inside a flat in Lebanon - two girls and their mother reading a book together

Stories from the Middle East

Our mission in the Middle East is to build a safe and stable environment where families and communities can thrive. Today, millions live in overcrowded informal settlements or old houses that provide little protection from extreme weather or intruders.

In the Middle East, we do not only upgrade homes and communities, but also cooperate with schools and support vocational training for refugees.

Life-changing days in Lebanon

“Even during my short time in Lebanon, I was able to witness households transform into more liveable homes.” Habitat for Humanity’s volunteer Catarina is reflecting on her time spent in Lebanon.

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When home is a refugee camp

Beirut`s labyrinthine slum, Shatila, has been built over decades by people fleeing conflict and poverty. It is on prime real estate, in the middle of the city, yet is largely hidden from Lebanese society.

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Helping refugees

Our refugee program will serve 38,500 individuals directly affected by the Syrian conflict. We will help them to upgrade their homes and communities and gain valuable job skills.

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Assisting with shelter

What can we do to help people directly affected by Syrian crisis? You too can empower their new beginnings - upgrade their homes and communities. 

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