Photo: family from Macedonia smiling

Stories from Europe

Decent housing is a foundation for anyone to have a prosperous life. Land and property values, and rents have been going up recently. As a result, more and more people in Europe face problems finding a decent place to live.

To lower housing costs, we help make homes more energy efficient. It helps reduce energy poverty and minimizes climate change. We also advocate for accessible and affordable housing on local, national and international levels. 

Who Can Afford Rising Rents?

Asia and Edik are refugees living in Poland. They had to move no fewer than seven times when landlords either upped the rent or turned them out in favor of tenants who could pay more. 

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Winter, leave

The immersive film, Winter, Leave, made by Contrast in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, takes us to the center of the Balkan Peninsula. We explore what makes Skopje one of the most polluted cities in Europe.

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A tale of housing crisis from England

Two young men have found their new home in an old Quakers house converted by Habitat for Humanity. The story of how they have ended up here tells a bigger story about housing crisis in England.

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Roof over their heads

Sitting in her a cheerful garden full of watermelon, peppers, and herbs you would never know that Shamsikhon’s life was ever any different.

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Three wise men

Meho, Ahmet, and Milenko realized the state was never going to sort out the problems with their condominium. So the three decided to take on this task.

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Living in the Cold

Lile Kik is worried. A dynamic professional who is always on the go, she’s a few months away from retirement and she’s cold all the time in her own flat.

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