Volunteer working on a wall, Hungary

Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

Anyone who can hold a hammer or a paint brush is welcome to the work of Habitat for Humanity. Volunteers provide man power that allows the building of homes or the making of renovations at considerably lower costs.

Habitat for Humanity works with schools, universities, corporations and other groups of committed individuals to design and deliver construction volunteer programs, which help to build houses for people in poor communities.

Find out more about corporate volunteering, volunteer programs for schools and universities, and volunteer groups of committed individuals if you want to help low-income people in different countries around the world build a better life for themselves.


Do you want to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity?


Please contact the relevant country office:

Germany, Switzerland and Austria | [email protected]
Great Britain | [email protected]
The Netherlands | [email protected]
Northern Ireland | [email protected]
Ireland | [email protected]
The United States | [email protected]
Canada | [email protected]

Another country in Europe, the Middle East | [email protected]

Other countries in Africa | [email protected]



Volunteer quotes

“Even during my short time in Lebanon, I was able to witness households transform into more liveable homes.”
— Catarina Hanna-Amodio, volunteer in Lebanon
“My trip with Habitat is one of the best things I've ever done. It has changed my perspective by showing me the power of having a home.”
— Laura McCann, University of Ulster, volunteer in Ethiopia

Volunteer abroad

We run a volunteer program that spans 40 countries called Global Village for schools, universities, corporations and other groups of committed people.

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