Photo: a women and two children from Zambia sitting on stairs in front of their house

Stories from Africa

We work to empower low-income people in Africa to build a better life for themselves and their children. We help not only through shelter programs but also through developing affordable housing products and services. In areas affected by droughts, we deliver water and sanitation solutions. 

Africa has vast opportunities and resources, yet too many people still live in substandard housing conditions. We want to help change this together with our partners and volunteers.

A toilet is not just a toilet

When residents from the Dida-Yaokro and Chickwawa communities constructed toilets, their health improved, the school attendance increased and the environment got cleaner. 

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Uganda can count on its youth

Sixty-five percent of the Ugandan population is made up of young people. Like Susan, they have enormous potential. Habitat helps them to develop their talents.

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Believing in Lucy

Life had been unimaginably hard after Lucy’s mother died nine years ago. Her dad had died a year earlier. Lucy, only in the seventh grade at the time, quit school to raise her younger brothers - Bornface and Gift.

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How Many People Can Fit in 90 m2?

Dwellers of Habib Ayad House in Sakakrya village are not able to sleep at the same time because of overcrowding. While half of them are sleeping at night, the other half go to work in bakeries.

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Safe and secure

“Not even in my dreams did I imagine living in a house like this,” Jika told us after she moved from an unsafe mud hut to a new Habitat home.

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The Water of Life

Kauma Village is an informal settlement of over 33,000 people who live on the outskirts of Lillongwe, Malawi’s capital. In Kauma, many people lack basic water and sanitation facilities, as it falls outside the government’s services.

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The plight of Grace

Grace January suddenly heard people shouting ‘Water! Water! Water!‘ Her house was taken by flood in the aftermath of the Cyclone Idai. Help her to rebuild it.

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