Extreme drought conditions and hot temperatures In 2012, more than half of the United States has experienced drought conditions, which is the largest percentage recorded in the 12 years the U.S. Drought Monitor has been in operation. In fact, wildfires have devastated nearly 7 million acres so far this year.

Latest updates and efforts Many Habitat for Humanity affiliates have seen the impact of these fires increase the need for affordable housing and they are working with their communities to help. You can make a donation or volunteer with these affiliates by contacting them via the links provided below.

Bastrop County Fire, Bastrop, Texas The most destructive single wildfire in the history of the state of Texas began burning east of Bastrop during Labor Day weekend 2011. Lasting until October, the fire killed two people and destroyed more than 1,600 homes, of which 37 percent were not covered by insurance. Austin Habitat for Humanity, located approximately 30 miles west of Bastrop, has been actively involved in community recovery efforts and assisting wildfire survivors through budget counseling, financial education and proceeds from the Habitat ReStore. Contact Austin Habitat for Humanity. High Park Fire, Fort Collins, Colo. In June 2012, lightning caused a fire that engulfed 259 homes in the canyons near Fort Collins, Colo. The fire devastated families and negatively impacted Colorado’s tourism industry. Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity has completed a Wildfire Build to support families who lost their homes in the High Park fire. Contact Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity.