Global Housing Indicators Working Group launched at World Urban Forum

MEDELLÍN, Colombia (April 11, 2014) — Building on nearly two decades of collecting and analyzing comprehensive housing indicator data, Habitat for Humanity International joined other urban development experts in introducing the newly formed Global Housing Indicators Working Group and its research and policy agenda at the seventh World Urban Forum.

The GHI Working Group, a collaborative effort of Cities Alliance, Habitat for Humanity International, the Inter-American Development Bank, UN-Habitat and the World Bank, will focus on promoting equitable and sustainable housing and community development.

According to the signed joint declaration, members of the GHI Working Group recognize the central role housing plays in breaking the cycle of poverty and “believe that indicators can be powerful statistical measurement and policy analysis tools to improve effective and timely housing solutions.”

The GHI Working Group will provide a platform hosting housing indicators to address key but infrequently measured issues in housing. This comprehensive approach will focus on critical development factors, such as housing policies, laws and regulations, housing prices and finance, rental housing, gender equality, land tenure and informal housing.

“Access to housing has not kept pace with urban growth, so it’s important that we analyze and use measurable housing data to help us improve the housing solutions available to low-income families,” said Jane Katz, Habitat for Humanity International’s director of international affairs and programs. “Empirical data on relevant measurements deepens our understanding of housing policy and ensures that policy changes yield concrete, positive results for families around the world.”

Supporters of the GHI Working Group include Global Urban Development, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Millennium Challenge Corporation. Institutions, organizations and individuals interested in participating in the GHI Working Group should contact [email protected].

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