May 2016 Good Measure

More than 1/2

Percentage of Poles who do not have a decent place to live, according to a report commissioned by Habitat Poland. Nearly 45 percent live in overcrowded houses, with an additional 14 percent living in substandard conditions.

Twelve percent

Decline in total Medicaid expenditures after people moved into affordable housing, according to research published by Enterprise Community Partners and the Center for Outcomes Research and Education. The research represents one of the first studies to directly assess the impact on health care costs in the U.S. when low-income individuals move into affordable housing.


Families who have achieved strength, stability and self-reliance through improved housing, thanks to Habitat Macedonia’s 10 years of building.

1 cent at a time

How Josh Morrison hopes to raise a 100,000 donation to Ontario’s Habitat Durham. “I obviously want to reach the goal,” the 14-year-old told The Uxbridge Times Journal, “but I also want to teach kids and adults alike that hard is not a synonym for impossible.”


Communities where Habitat Sri Lanka is helping war-affected families rebuild their lives, thanks to a grant of 14 million euros from the European Union. Efforts include construction of homes, vocational training and improved community infrastructure.