Survey examines the belief that housing affordability issues can be solved

In recent weeks, we’ve shared the striking results of the MacArthur Foundation’s 2014 How Housing Matters survey.

Our posts have outlined just how many U.S. families struggle to have – and keep – affordable housing. We’ve examined the difficult tradeoffs too many are forced to make. We’ve also shared how Habitat for Humanity’s work can make a difference.

The possibility of making that difference is the last piece of the MacArthur survey that we’d like to highlight. Encouragingly, the survey found that three in five adults believe that something can be done to solve the problem of housing affordability.

At Habitat, we share that belief, and each day we work to prove it true in 1,468 U.S. communities and more than 70 countries around the world. It is why we build.

Habitat for Humanity believes that every person should have a safe, decent, affordable place to live.

Education and awareness are two important tools. Want to learn more about the issues that surround affordable housing? Here are a few of the places we turn for research, analysis and information:

Our work together envisions a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Your voice, your time and your generous donations are other important tools we need to help make that vision a reality.

Find ways to get more involved in your community. Become an advocate for affordable housing around the world. Help us create more homes, communities and hope around the world.

Are you one of the three in five who believe it’s possible to make a difference?

Editor’s note: This post completes our series of blog posts exploring the findings of the MacArthur Foundation’s 2014 How Housing Matters survey, the impacts experienced by those in distressed housing situations and the belief that something can be done.