We are Hopebuilders: Craig Ver Steeg

My wife, Lisa, and I always knew what Habitat stood for and wanted to get involved in some humble, helping ministry where you could help people in a tangible way. And we thought, “OK, they’re filling a need, and they’re Jesus’ hands and feet.” That’s important to me.

Coaching moves you around a lot when you’re first starting out. I was looking for a ministry that I could give regularly to, no matter where I lived. And there hasn’t been anywhere we’ve lived in my coaching life where there isn’t a local chapter doing great things.

My wife and I went on a build once when we were on vacation. We stayed for the dedication, and it was awesome. It was exactly what we were looking for.

Do we always get involved in builds? No. But are we always able to be regular givers and supporters? Yes.

Honestly, the ease of HopeBuilders was probably one reason I became one. It was just a good feeling to know that if I gave an amount it would be used properly and I didn’t have to worry about that. It was more like, “Lord, please take this money and do with it what You need done.” We just wanted to be faithful with that over the years. It’s no more and no less than that.

— Craig ver Steeg, senior offensive assistant coach for the Baltimore Ravens

Help make a lasting impact with monthly giving, and provide the shelter that provides families with stability and opportunity. Any amount you give helps.

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