What inspires you to build with Habitat?

What inspires you to build with Habitat?

President and Mrs. Carter. Making a difference. The future. These are just a few of the answers that volunteers and future Habitat homeowners gave at the Carter Work Project when asked, “What inspires you to build with Habitat?”

Carter Work Project 2016 volunteer leveling

Leveling the playing field

“I’ve done over a dozen Carter projects. It gives me an opportunity to assist a parent in providing a healthier environment for a child. They are more likely to thrive. They find joy in being in that house. They thrive in the classroom.” — David Cox, volunteer from Rochester Hills, Michigan

“President Carter was my mom’s favorite president, and she got me interested in Habitat. Habitat is cool. The homeowners are an inspiration. A house does provide that stability for a strong family and a strong community.” — Lorrie Beck, volunteer from Wichita, Kansas, and a board member of her local Habitat. This is her 10th Carter Work Project.

Carter Work Project 2016 volunteer painting

Improving lives and communities

“Having grown up in Memphis and gone off to college, you really appreciate where you come from. Memphis means so much more to me now. It’s great to have a tangible effect on the community. The fact that people with limited experience can do this, it’s incredible. You can feel the enthusiasm.” — Manoj Gollamudi, Memphis resident, University of Michigan student and Habitat volunteer

“I am the first of my siblings to own a home. I am going to live in this house with my mother, daughters and 2-year-old granddaughter. I think family should stick together. Everyone says they are proud of me. I am proud of myself. Yes I am. Very proud.” — Timeka, future Habitat homeowner

“President and Mrs. Carter are truly an inspiration. And people having the chance to own their home. Just to work side by side with them, you see that these are people who have a dignity about them. The home is a springboard for them and their lives.” — Kathy Knapp from Evansville, Indiana. This is her 10th Carter Work Project

Carter Work Project 2016 volunteer hammering

Hard work

“What’s inspiring me is my future. It means family. It means one day being an entrepreneur. It means one day having my own office because I like to write. It means being part of the American dream.” — Shamine, future Habitat homeowner

“Annette Lopez. The homeowner of the house built in memory of my mom. She is the one who inspired me to come to Memphis. Her love, strength, care, wisdom, commitment and determination taught me so much on the build site. Her belief in herself, her belief in her daughter and her belief in Habitat for Humanity to change lives inspired me. I wanted to come to Memphis to change lives. To change the lives of people like Annette. Good people. People looking to find their feet. People creating a foundation to catapult themselves and their families into the future. People that understand that we can all change the world, one thing, one house at a time.” — Taylor Thompson, a high school senior from Austin, Texas, who raised 85,000 to sponsor an Austin Habitat home in honor of his mom, Maureen, who died with breast cancer. This week, Taylor builds with President and Mrs. Carter.

We hope these answers inspire you!