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Habitat for Humanity in Argentina

Habitat for Humanity invites people to build homes, communities and hope, and thus show God’s love in action. To learn more about our work, visit:

The housing need in Argentina

Argentina has a housing de cit of about 3 million homes. This deficit increases at a rate of approximately 36,000 homes per year. In addition, of 12.2 million total households, 16 percent correspond to rental housing, which is equivalent to about 2 million families.

Migratory movements, limited scope of social housing programs and mortgage credit shortage are factors that influence the housing shortage problem in Argentina, which is compounded by the significant increase in land prices in recent years.

Argentinean families who lack decent housing first need to have access to secure land. Without this access, communities are forced to live in informal settlements that are dificult to legalize in future years. It is important to understand that access to safe land is vital for building decent homes and neighborhoods.

Habitat’s contribution in Argentina

We are a Christian organization that promotes access to decent and affordable housing for the most vulnerable populations. Through our projects, we offer families living in inadequate conditions the opportunity to manage a comprehensive solution to their housing problem. We also promote human and community development to ensure a sustainable solution over time. These type of solutions can be: loans to build or improve housing; legal technical assistance including for self assisted building; and regulated rents.

Neighborhood Development: Within Argentina’s economy, a large percentage of families are part of the housing informal market. These families must finance, administer and build houses with their scarce resources. We have designed the Seed House model for families that have no access to a complete house loan, but that need to improve their current homes. This opportunity enables them to build a decent house in financially accessible stages to immediately improve their quality of life.

Urban solutions: This project focuses on families who pay rent in informal tenements, tenancies and pension hotels. The “Protected Rent” project is carried out by recycling urban spaces and through workshops and guarantees, advocating the right to an adequate rent. It is being developed in the Buenos Aires, as part of the response to the urban problem and with strong incidence in public policies.

Meet a Habitat family

Norma and Jorge live with three of their children in a house they share in the neighborhood Los Ceibos de González Catán, in the Province of Buenos Aires. They have lived in their house for 25 years; however, it is very deteriorated, it has wooden walls and a sheet roof where rainwater pours through.

Norma, a housewife, teaches catechism and gives cooking classes to youngsters in a church; she also has some health problems. In the past, they tried to improve the conditions of her house; however, they were once defrauded, and, on another occasion, they had to abandon a construction for not having the money.

This family’s will and determination led them to approach Habitat for Humanity Argentina for a new attempt. They partnered with us to materialize their dream of having a safe and decent house to live and grow.

Their hospitality and how they were devoted to the project from the beginning impressed local and foreign volunteers, who helped the family build their new house.

What can you do?

We build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. You can help us do it with the following actions:


Volunteer:  (Those not currently living in Argentina)
Join the group of international volunteers that o ers a minimum of 3 months of volunteer work in exchange for lodging and an interdisciplinary professional experience.

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To learn more about Habitat’s programs in Argentina, please contact us:

Ana Cutts
National Director

María Constanza Ledesma
Resource Development Coordinator

Ariel Alejandro Sosa
Programs Coordinator

Paula Celestino Ayala
Institutional Relations Coordinator

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