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Dominican Republic

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* 28.420 served through market development

Habitat for Humanity in Dominican Republic

Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic has the vision of achieving a world where everyone has a decent place to live, improving the living conditions of low- income families through access to housing. Visit us at

The housing need in Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, the housing deficit exceeds 1.2 million housing units, of which about 60 percent is qualitative (UNDP 2010). This means that the number of inadequate houses is greater than the number of families without homes. This figure is growing annually by an average of 50,000 to 60,000 homes.

Nationally, the housing production system involves families and communities in building their own homes. The high cost of construction services and low income of families do not allow them to have access to formal means of construction, aggravating the quality and safety of homes.

Habitat’s contribution in Dominican Republic

Habitat Dominican Republic contributes to the country in improving the life conditions of the families that are part of the qualitative and quantitative housing de cit. This is achieved through the creation of programs that facilitate access to micro financing for housing purposes to low-income families with technical assistance in construction and creating financial education and disaster risk programs that support and contribute to building the stability, security and self- reliance families need.

Our programs

Housing Access Services

We offer services (financial and non financial) that help families have essential services and turn housing into a durable asset. We provide constructive technical assistance training in different topics such as financial education, master builders, risk management and basic construction. We develop partnerships to promote organized, committed and empowered communities.

Financial Services

This program seeks to facilitate access to microcredit for housing for low-income families, so that they can acquire, repair or improve a complete house. We partner with other nonprofit organizations and micro nance institutions to serve the quantitative housing de cit in the country.


We have successfully organized brigades of national and international volunteer work in order to mobilize the hearts, hands and voices of volunteers for the cause of decent and affordable housing.

We invite national and international brigades to join us and build side by side with the families we serve.

Meet a Habitat family

María Laura’s dream was to have her kitchen and sewing shop separated as different areas, in order to do the things she likes best in a conditioned environment for each activity. With the idea in her mind and the desire in her heart, she approached Habitat Dominican Republic to make her dream come true. She applied to the project “Building Hope Step by Step” in order to make her idea a reality.

Habitat Dominican Republic empowered her by facilitating her access to the microcredit she needed for the construction and advice from the engineers through the Technical Construction Assistance.

María Laura earns her living as a seamstress, arranging clothes and making pieces for the home, including cushions for furniture, curtains, sheets, etc. Her kitchen was made of zinc and it was poorly distributed. Additionally, she didn’t have a space to have her own workshop. Since the roof was so low, the house got very hot on the inside and this generated a lot of discomfort. Today her house has a kitchen with better conditions and a changed roof. Maria Laura has her sewing workshop in a comfortable area, new fences and windows. Now she has the security she needs to protect her family.

What can you do?

We build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. You can help us do it with the following actions:


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To learn more about Habitat’s programs in the Dominican Republic, please contact:

Cesarina Fabian, National Director
+1809-547-2091 • +1829-257-2250


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