Habitat for Humanity distributed 400 clean-up kits in Bosnia-Herzegovina

BRATISLAVA (June 6, 2014) — Habitat for Humanity distributed 400 clean-up kits in two locations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, assisting nearly 2,000 individuals affected by severe floods. In the middle of May 2014, large areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia were hit by floods and landslides, believed to be the worst for the past 100 years and caused by continuous rainfall and strong winds.

Habitat’s team distributed the clean-up kits in Zivnice and Odzak in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 200 kits were handed out to the families affected by floods in each location. The distribution on the ground was carried out with the help of volunteers from Caristas Bosnia-Herzegovina and initial funding from the USAID mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The clean-up kits, consisting mainly of hygiene items and basic materials, can help families start removing debris and mud from the houses and apartments affected by floods.

According to the European Office of Humanitarian Affairs, more than 50 people have lost their lives across Serbia and Bosnia. More than 1 million people had to be evacuated from their homes. Many homes were totally destroyed by floods and landslides. The economic damage is still being calculated. It can amount to hundreds of millions of euros.

At the end of May, Habitat’s team members went on an rapid assessing mission to Tuzla canton of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macvanski region of Serbia. Habitat’s initial response efforts include the distribution of clean-up kits. Based on funding availability, the longer-term response may include construction assistance, distribution of materials and labor support through micro housing loans.

Habitat’s ability to respond effectively to this disaster will require support from donors, corporate partners and other community organizations. Make an online donation now.

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