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Habitat for Humanity has extensive knowledge of the housing and shelter sector throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.

For comments and interviews on today’s housing news, we can connect you with spokespeople across the region.

Please contact:

Katerina Bezgachina
Manager, PR & Media
Habitat Europe, Middle East and Africa
Phone: +421 2 336 690 35

Habitat can also offer detailed information, case studies, and housing research as well as hi-resolution photos to cover regional housing issues or specific problems in a country.

Housing in the News

Devex, Jun 4, 2018: Opinion: How to turn housing microfinance mainstream

Article about the gap in access to housing finance among low-income households in sub-Saharan Afica. If addressed properly, it could create an estimated $200-$250 billion dollars in profits for financial institutions and allow low-income families to make gradual home improvements. Written by Sandra Prieto, Habitat for Humanity, and Ruth Dueck-Mbeba, Mastercard Foundation.

Devex, Apr 19, 2018: Opinion: The business case for housing microfinance

Kevin Chetty, director at the Habitat`s Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter argues that housing microfinance can be beneficial for both the low-income families and financial institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Our Business Case on Housing Microfinance was launched on 5 April, 2018. It has been published in several media:
KBC Channel 1 TV, 8 March 2018: Business Insight - Housing the Nation

Habitat for Humanity`s project manager Ruth Odera talks to Caroline Njenga about affordable housing in Kenya. Collaborative efforts of governments, financial institutions, suppliers of materials and developers are key to creating access to cheap and affordable housing for low-income individuals.


KBC Channel 1 TV, Feb 28 2018: Family Matters - Affordable Housing

Ruth Odera from Habitat`s Terwilliger Center in Kenya is discussing:

  • Why are houses so expensive?
  • What can governments do to make housing affordable for more individuals?
  • Do we know what are people`s actual preferences and needs? 


El pais, 7 Feb 2018: New Decent Homes in Tabagne, Ivory Coast

An initiative of a group of activists from a small village in Ivory Coast caught attention of the leading Spanish newspaper El Pais. Local association applied for support from Habitat and built 30 new houses in Tabagne.


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