Photo: family sitting on stairs in front of their house in Zambia

Goodwings for our projects

In 2019, Habitat for Humanity started a partnership with a purpose-driven hotel booking site Goodwings. This cooperation aims to help families to build or repair their homes, access clean water and sanitation or rebuild whole communities after natural disasters. 

The hotel booking site makes it easy and free for anyone to support Habitat for Humanity when booking hotels. Goodwings will redirect at least a third of every booking commission to fund Habitat for Humanity projects. All at no extra cost to travelers.


Book your hotel with Goddwings to support Habitat for Humanity projects.


By supporting Habitat for Humanity, travelers will help families in need of shelter all over the world. They will also support implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In 2015, UN leaders adopted a set of 17 goals as part of a new sustainable development agenda. The goals all have specific targets to be achieved before 2030, such as eradicating hunger, poverty, and inequality, protecting the environment, and promoting peace. When supporting Habitat for Humanity through Goodwings, travelers help implement one or more of these goals: clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy or sustainable cities and communities.


Infographics: Support the Global Goals
About Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity’s vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Anchored by the conviction that housing provides a path out of poverty, since 1976, Habitat has helped more than 22 million build or improve the place they call home. Habitat also advocates to improve access to decent and affordable shelter and offers a variety of housing support services that enable families with limited means to make needed improvements on their homes as their time and resources allow. As a nonprofit Christian housing organization, Habitat works in more than 70 countries and welcomes people of all races, religions and nationalities to partner in its mission. 

About Goodwings

Goodwings is a purpose-driven hotel booking site that makes it easy and free for individuals and companies to support charities when booking hotels. At least a third of every booking commission is redirected to charities at no extra cost to individuals and companies, booking through Goodwings.