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Through Home is the Key, our national cause campaign, supporters like you help more families unlock homeownership – the key to stability, intergenerational wealth and more

Habitat for Humanity has firsthand experience in witnessing how safe, affordable homes change lives and communities. Our Home is the Key campaign this April reminds us that when homeownership is accessible to everyone, we all benefit.

We’ve seen how systemic discrimination in U.S. housing and lending policies continues to deepen social and economic inequity among Black families. The COVID-19 pandemic and rising inflation has only exacerbated the structural racial inequity in the housing market.

Through advocating for housing policy and building affordable homes, Habitat makes access to homeownership more equitable, and we’re inviting you to join us in making an impact.

Let's make homeownership accessible

You can support our Home is the Key campaign by donating to Habitat.

To break the cycle of injustice, we must join forces to develop more inclusive communities, increase the availability of affordable homes near public transportation and jobs, and transform concentrated areas of poverty into areas of opportunity so that all residents of the community can benefit.

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Each April, our Home is the Key campaign highlights the importance of home and draws on the strength and support of you – Habitat’s tremendous community – to help more families in need of affordable housing. Support Habitat today!

Key campaign pillars

  • Home is the key to a better future
    Shelter is not a privilege – it’s a need. Decent, affordable housing plays a key role in a family’s education, health, wealth and well-being. However, not every household has the same opportunities to succeed.
  • Many families have been locked out for too long
    Homeownership is a key driver of American household wealth. Yet, structural inequality in the U.S. housing market has made the Black-white and Latino-white homeownership gaps wider than they were in the 1960’s. 
  • Join Habitat in creating inclusive communities
    Support Habitat’s affordable housing work through Home is the Key, proceeds of which will support diversity, equity and inclusion programs, such as the Advancing Black Homeownership initiative and volunteerism in communities across the U.S.

Home is the Key stories

With worsening racial wealth and homeownership gaps in the U.S., Habitat and our partners are working to drive lasting change. Read stories about how equitable and inclusive access to homeownership changes lives and communities.

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Home is the Key: We create strength and stability through shelter.