Aging in Place FAQ

Habitat for Humanity works to help older adults age at home and in communities of their choice through our Aging in Place program. Local Habitat affiliates collaborate with human services organizations to evaluate individual needs and provide home repairs, modifications and community services specific to each homeowner’s lifestyle to preserve their home and their independence.

Check out common questions about our work below, and find your local affiliate to learn about aging in place work in your area.

What is aging in place?

How does Habitat’s Housing Plus model support aging in place?

How can older adults get help to age in their homes?

What are the age and income qualifications to receive Habitat’s Aging in Place services?

What kind of home repairs and modifications does Habitat perform?

What kind of community-based support services does Habitat connect older homeowners to?

How does Habitat’s Housing Plus model improve health outcomes?

What types of partnerships are needed to implement health and housing initiatives to drive better health outcomes among older adults?

How can other housing organizations pair home repairs with health for older adults?

Has COVID-19 impacted Habitat’s aging in place work? 

How can I reach Habitat’s Aging in Place services?

Aging in Place resources

Our resources hub is a launching point for the other housing organizations to learn about and implement Habitat’s innovative aging in place solutions, resources and data with the goal of helping even more older adults age in the homes and communities they love.

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