The sun shines through the trees near a roof.

Financial freedom

Habitat knows that when we partner with a family to create simple, decent and affordable housing, we help that family forge a path out of poverty.

Habitat Minnesota, with the help of Wilder Research, recently conducted a statewide survey to explore the connections between Habitat homeownership and improved quality of life.

In addition to findings about safety, health, social connectedness, and family and personal well-being, the survey reveals:

  • About 2/3 of homeowners with children feel more confident about their ability to fund their children’s college education.
  • In 92 percent of the Habitat homes, at least one adult — either the homeowner or another family member — has started, completed or plans to start higher education or training programs.
  • Almost 40 percent pay less in housing costs.
  • 53 percent have more money since moving into their Habitat home.
  • Cost-benefit analysis indicates that the 2,200 Habitat homeowners in Minnesota could be using between 6 million and 9 million less in government assistance programs annually.
  • Overall, 92 percent of homeowners said their lives were better since moving into their home. Of those 92 percent, 89 percent said they attributed that positive change to Habitat either “completely” or “a lot.”
“It makes living a lot easier, not having to worry about the cost of housing. A Habitat house is much more affordable. It has allowed us to better ourselves.”
— Habitat Minnesota homeowner