Luisa Salazar and son

Giving families a head start

Before, I lived in a very drafty house. It rained a lot on me. I would put out bags when it rained hard, buckets to catch water.

I’ve truly been a fighter all my life. I found some roofing, and I put it up to stop the rain. Then it got a little better. Still and all, the water would leak in on the sides. Because of the leaks, the room stayed damp. My feelings at the time were very sad because I couldn’t fix it. I cried to see my boy. He was always very sick. It was all the time at the hospital. He had bronchiolitis that went on to asthma.

Terrible. Moisture makes my child sick. From the rain that’s normal. God’s rain. I like it to rain; it’s a blessing that God sends us. But I had that roof so I couldn’t live well.

Because of Habitat, I have this house with everything better than it was before. They gave me a head start. I feel happy now and content with my child healthy. I feel better with my pretty roof. I’m happy for having made this improvement. It’s a total change, yes sir.

What I feel now is a lot of joy and a future. I am happy, and I thank you very much. God bless you to all the people who have helped.

— Habitat homeowner Luisa Alcira Ruiz Salazar