Home repair tools and supplies for hurricane-damaged homes

Home repair help prepped for Puerto Rico

Habitat for Humanity’s response to the devastation in Puerto Rico caused by Hurricane Maria begins with 2,000 shelter repair kits designed to help families make preliminary home repairs to improve their shelter conditions.

The storm’s unprecedented and widespread destruction means that, in some of the hardest hit communities, 90 percent of homes have been destroyed. Habitat’s shelter repair kits will allow families to make immediate repairs as we begin the multi-year recovery across the island.

With the help of local staff, Habitat is assessing the damage to homes on the island and will determine construction plans after evaluations. Habitat Puerto Rico has built and repaired homes in the U.S. territory since 1997.

Each shelter repair kit includes:

  • Five-gallon bucket and lid
    Useful for the removal of concrete and debris and can be used to carry water and other essential supplies
  • Contractor-grade tarpaulin
    Durable and flexible and can be used in a variety of ways including creating a roof over existing structures or to use in large or small spaces
  • Flashlight/radio
    Dynamo flashlight and radio can be used to illuminate walking paths and listen for emergency notifications
  • 9-inch snips
    For cutting roofing iron, tarps and other construction materials
  • 8-inch pliers with cutting tool
    For twisting and cutting wires
  • Zip ties
    Good for temporarily securing tarps
  • 20-inch handsaw
    For cutting wood for shelter repairs
  • 21-inch bowsaw
    For yard and tree limb cleanup
  • 16-foot measuring tape
    For assisting in construction repair jobs
  • 100 feet of solid braided rope
    To help secure tarps to posts or trees
  • 100 feet of 20-gauge utility wire
    To help secure tarps and other uses as needed
  • Roofing and framing nails
    For attaching tarps and assorted other duties
  • Duct tape (two rolls)
    To connect tarps or patch rips
  • 20-oz. claw hammer
    For securing tarps and completing framing repairs, etc.
  • Leather gloves (two pairs)
    To help protect hands and keep workers safe
  • Slotted screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver and 1-lb. box of galvanized screws
    For furring strips
  • Repair information booklet
    In English and Spanish

All of these tools are packed in a container that locks for security. The tote can be converted for a different use later.

*The contents of the shelter repair kits may vary based on availability and need.