Before & After: Repurposing vintage furniture from the Habitat ReStore

I love giving back to my community, but my volunteer time is sometimes very limited. I know that when I make a purchase from my local Habitat ReStore, the money is going to a great cause. I’ve scored some pretty amazing deals over the last several years on furniture finds. Since donations come in all the time, I never know what I will discover!

I love repurposing vintage furniture, and I think I’ve transformed some pretty incredible finds into pieces that anyone could enjoy for many years to come. These items were saved from otherwise being tossed into the dump or someone’s fire pit. My local Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh ReStore in Orange County, New York, just moved into a bigger building, and I can’t wait to see what this will bring to our community!

Hall tree

I scored this gorgeous door at my local Habitat ReStore for $10. It sat in my garage until I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. The stunning detail in the windows called for this door to be something special, and so I attached it to a dresser I found at an estate sale for $5 to build a hall tree.

Hall tree before
Hall tree before photo 2
Hall tree after


I built a headboard from this old window I purchased for $5! I removed the glass since part of it was broken, gave it a facelift and added some decorations. Repurposing an old window as a headboard can be a great way to add some inexpensive art for a fraction of the cost, and it is great way to upcycle. Plus, it adds a unique look to your walls.

DIY headboard before
DIY headboard after

Side table

This amazing side table seemed to jump into my arms during one visit! Even though there was a gouge in the top, I was able to transform this stunning table from worn to updated and fresh. This table has such wonderful details and a shape to it that I just couldn’t pass it up.

Refurbished side table before
Refurbished side table after

Bathroom vanity

I could go on with my fun finds from our Habitat ReStore and my experiences repurposing vintage furniture, but the list is pretty long. This last project is one of my favorite upcycles that I’ve done for our home.

It is our bathroom vanity that we once called Chip because it had been painted over so many times that I literally had to chip away at it. This was a lonely dresser sitting in the corner that I brought home and turned into this beauty!

Bathroom vanity before
Bathroom vanity after

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