We are Hopebuilders: Dena Osborne

I like the fact that people who live in the houses put in work and time, so that it actually becomes their home.

My son and my husband worked building a Habitat house in Pomona, which is how I got involved. My son was 16 at the time, and it really made an impression on him. He still likes to reach out and help others, in whatever capacity it may be. And our older son went to Costa Rica with Habitat and does work with underprivileged children now. I think Habitat set the tone for all of that.

People on a tight budget might think, “What’s my 10 going to do?” But if 100 people gave 10, you’d have that much more toward a house for someone. It really does make a difference.

— Dena Osborne, Chino Hills, California

Help make a lasting impact with monthly giving, and provide the shelter that provides families with stability and opportunity. Any amount you give helps.

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