We are Hopebuilders: Kirsten Anderson

I grew up with homeownership as a goal for my own family, and I’ve been fortunate to achieve it for most of my adult life.

I’ve had many occasions to see the effects of inadequate or insecure housing on people’s lives. I feel strongly about the value of a stable home for children’s health and education.

As a donor, I started off giving at intervals, then decided to start giving monthly. My initial motivation was to make this fit more conveniently into my budget, and it does — it’s more convenient than writing checks, and I feel the impact less. But I also realize that it’s helpful to an organization to have predictable streams of income, however small.

So far I haven’t participated in a Habitat build. Sometimes the mind is willing, but the body isn’t. I still hope to do so at some point, though!

— Kirsten Anderson, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Help make a lasting impact with monthly giving, and provide the shelter that provides families with stability and opportunity. Any amount you give helps.

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