We are Hopebuilders: Tineke Triggs

Interior designer Tineke Triggs of San Francisco, California, naturally thinks a lot about the meaning of home. “It is your security, your comfort, your nest, your safety, a place where you can express yourself,” says Tineke. It is also a place, she says, where love blooms.

For all that a home represents, Tineke supports Habitat’s efforts to make homeownership a reality for families. She and her husband, Will, also want their boys, 14-year-old Ryan and 12-year-old Jaden, to appreciate a world that exists outside their comfort zone. “Children in the Bay Area can be around a lot of wealth,” Tineke says. “It is really important for my children to get a sense of what it’s like somewhere else.”

For Tineke, it’s important to take time to give back. “I have an opportunity to make a difference, to pay it forward,” she says. “That is what I am choosing to do through Habitat.”

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