Global Village: Changing or canceling your trip

Once you join a Global Village team, we hope that you’re able to build with us. Unexpected events come up, however. If your plans change, please let us know right away. Here’s how we can help.

Is your trip’s departure more than 45 days away?

You are welcome to join another Global Village team. Email or call 1-800-HABITAT to get started.

We will transfer your donations, excluding the deposit, to a team traveling within a year. Your deposit will help fund your original team’s build project and fulfill our obligations to local businesses.

Is your trip’s departure less than 45 days away?

Notify your team leader immediately.

We invite you to join another Global Village team, but unfortunately we are unable to transfer any funds. At this point we have committed your funds to the team’s build project and local businesses. Your funds will enable us to complete the housing solution even if you can’t be there to build it, and we’ll be able to proceed with your teammates’ trip as scheduled.

Please keep in mind

  • All Global Village trip payments are donations to Habitat for Humanity International.

We are unable to refund donations. We use donations from our volunteers and their supporters to provide families with safe, decent housing.

  • Your Global Village program donation does not include trip-cancellation insurance.
    We strongly urge you to purchase “cancel for any reason” trip cancellation insurance to cover your travel expenses in the event you have to postpone or cancel your trip. There are a variety of travel insurers available. Explore options via a web search, travel agent and/or recommendations from family or friends. 
  • Sometimes Habitat for Humanity must postpone or reroute a trip.
    It rarely happens, but if we must alter a trip’s dates or the country of destination, we will work to figure out an alternate plan that works well for you. We’ll always suggest a similar Global Village team for you to join, but you’ll have no obligation. Please note that Habitat for Humanity International cannot compensate volunteers for the cost of unusable airfare or any other expenses resulting from a cancellation.
  • If you encounter a delay en route to a Global Village build, you can still proceed with your trip.
    If missed or canceled flights cause you to miss your rendezvous with the team, Global Village staff will assist you in connecting with your team. However, Habitat for Humanity cannot be responsible for any expenses incurred because of travel problems.