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Habitat for Humanity in El Salvador

Habitat for Humanity El Salvador was established in 1992 and, since then, it has empowered individuals by developing housing solutions that families can use to build or improve their homes. We focus on serving more than 1.3 million families living in inadequate conditions in El Salvador. For more information, visit: www.habitatelsalvador.org.sv.

The housing need in El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest and most populated country in Central America, with a population of approximately 6.5 million people. Eight of every 10 Salvadorians live in inadequate conditions (INCAE-HPHI, 2016) and 3 of every 10 families live in extreme poverty (PNUD, 2015). Many of these families do not have access to sanitation, drinking water, education, funding to improve their homes, land tenure, or the opportunity of living in a safe, healthy and stable place.

El Salvador is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world, in face of threats such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and tropical storms. In January and February 2001, El Salvador was affected by two earthquakes; they caused destruction and human losses. Risks of natural disasters, along with migration, and a slow economic and social growth pose a challenge for the country’s sustainable development.

Habitat’s contribution in El Salvador

People or communities that need help to build or improve their homes partner with Habitat for Humanity El Salvador to fulfill this objective. The families of Habitat El Salvador build their homes along with volunteers and donors. Further, they pay an affordable loan, with affordable payments. In this way, families are able to live with the self-reliance and stability they need to build a better future. Habitat El Salvador has helped around 167,000 Salvadorians in over 25 years of work through housing construction, community projects, risk management and financial education.

Building homes and communities: Habitat El Salvador builds houses with different models, according to the families’ needs and capacities. These solutions must be adequate in terms of land and climate, as well as built using quality materials. All of this generates an impact in the country’s positive economic chain. Families that need a decent place to live build safe and stable houses; in addition, they pay an affordable loan, with affordable payments. This makes it possible for low-income families to have a home.

Community projects: Community projects aim to strengthen integral development and expand our work with families and communities, along with support from local and international volunteers, partners and allies, for long- term impact.

Projects allow community integral progress, income generation, health, education, and basic infrastructure. This transforms low-income communities into safe, decent, lively places, for current and future neighbors, in partnership with volunteers, churches, companies and other organizations.

Risk management: Habitat El Salvador provides assistance and education in risk management and disaster response. We help families and communities in preparation, mitigation, response and reconstruction stages in face of natural disasters. Habitat El Salvador is a founding member of the Humanitarian Country Team.

Housing access services: Habitat El Salvador gives training in financial education, construction, risk management and community development. Strengthening these abilities and knowledge enables building a solid foundation for long- term success.

Meet a Habitat family

Bety lived for 23 years in a house made of wood, zinc sheets and cardboard, in the rural zone of Ahuachapán. Her house had no access to drinking water and did not provide any protection during the harsh winter months. With a monthly income of $200 for all her family, the dream of a house of her own seemed impossible. There was never enough income to seek better education in terms of education, health and financial growth.

Thanks to volunteers and donors, that has changed.

Today, with a decent home, Bety is able to take steps to build a better life for her and her family. Through Habitat El Salvador’s community development projects, she has received training in leadership and financial education. She has participated in initiatives such as financial cooperatives, craft production and organic garden planting. All have impacted her family’s quality of life.

With happiness in her voice and a new sense of possibilities, Bety says: “Thanks to all the persons in Habitat El Salvador, now we have hope.”

A decent home can change the reality of more families in El Salvador. Like Bety, each mother deserves the opportunity of seeing their children grow with the con dence, security and stability a home provides.

What can you do?

We build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. You can help us do it with the following actions:

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Volunteer: Join one the Global Village’s regular trips to El Salvador or organize your own group. For more information, visit: habitat.org/gv/catalog/lac

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