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Habitat for Humanity in Haiti

Habitat for Humanity Haiti is dedicated to helping low-income families gain access to decent housing and accompanying them along their pathways to permanent housing. Habitat has served more than 60,000 families in Haiti, many of them through the 2010 earthquake recovery program. For more information, go to habitathaiti.org. or facebook.com/habitathaiti.

The housing need in Haiti

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with 58.5 percent of the population living on less than US$2.42 per day. Political instability, food shortages, unemployment, natural disasters and a lack of basic infrastructure have kept most Haitians locked in a cycle of poverty for generations. Access to housing is equally desperate. Before the 2010 earthquake, Haiti already faced a severe shortage of houses.

The earthquake damaged nearly 190,000 houses and 105,000 more were destroyed, adding to the pre-existing backlog of 300,000 houses required to meet the growing shelter needs of the country. Combined with Hurricane Matthew that directly hit the south department in 2016, the housing needs have dramatically increased. Land tenure also remains a large roadblock to rebuilding in Haiti.

Habitat’s contribution in Haiti

To meet housing needs following the 2010 earthquake, Habitat adopted an innovative strategy -- Pathways to Permanence -- centered on holistic, community-led, sustainable urban development, and developed programs to address land rights and housing finance.

Our programs


Simon-Pelé is a densely populated, informal set of five communities of approximately 30,000 residents north of downtown Port-au-Prince. The area is characterized by low-quality, self-built housing, inadequate public infrastructure, high unemployment and violence. Despite the challenges there are strengths, including strong social ties, human capital, a vibrant commercial main street and de facto security of tenure. Habitat has worked with the community through repairs, retrofits and reconstruction of damaged or unsafe homes; vocational training; and capacity building of local leaders. Currently, we are working on a water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) project to improve drainage, water, sanitation and resident hygiene practices.

Hurricane Matthew recovery

Category-4 Hurricane Matthew violently struck southwestern Haiti on October 4, 2016 bringing heavy rainfall in the south, southeast and the northwest; creating the largest humanitarian emergency in the country since the 2010 earthquake. It caused considerable damage to the housing sector. As Habitat had no previous infrastructure in this part of Haiti, we have created strategic partnerships with other reputable organizations including Mercy Corps, OXFAM and CESVI who already have o ces in the affected areas. 440 elderly bene ciaries were given shelter recovery kits in Nippes in order to repair their homes, which were completely destroyed. Other projects include construction technical assistance and training as well as the building of 250 new homes in Corail.

Home Ownership and Mortgage Expansion

Habitat’s Home Ownership and Mortgage Expansion, or HOME, program, established in July 2015, seeks to increase access to long-term financing to help low- and moderate-income Haitian households construct, rehabilitate or purchase safe, durable, affordable housing. The program works with financial institutions and housing developers to develop financial incentives, technical assistance and awareness-building mechanisms to reduce the housing deficit in Haiti.

Meet a Habitat family

Herman lives with his wife, daughter and mother in a small home that needed a lot of improvements. Thanks to a home improvement loan that he secured through Habitat’s HOME program, Herman added doors and a functioning bathroom to his home in Port-au- Prince. Herman said, “Can you imagine a home with no doors? No bathroom? We were lucky enough to have a neighbor that opened his home to us and allowed us to use his facilities. However, when he was out running his errands, things got complicated. This loan helped me give my family a real home, where we can feel safe.” Herman hopes to get another loan when this one is paid o so he can continue improving and expanding his family’s home.

What can you do?

We build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. You can help us with those actions:




For more information about Habitat for Humanity in Haiti, please contact us at infohaiti@habitat.org.


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