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Product Donations

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Product donations are a great way to support Habitat in line with your business and an amazing opportunity to use your products for a practical and socially responsible activity. It is also a good way to introduce your products to a new potential market group in an area of planned business expansion.

Product donations can range from insulation material to innovative design consultancy, pro bono media coverage to corporate advocacy. We accept all products that will benefit the families in their new home such as building materials, tools, and safety equipment.

Examples of donated building materials:

 Bricks | Doors | Timber | Windows | Cement | Flooring goods | Plywood | Laminates |  Drywall | Electrical Components |  Shingles | Finishing Materials |  Tiles | Paint | Fiberglass

Other types of product donation:

  • Innovative design consultancy
  • Financial education training for families
  • Pro-bono media coverage
  • Appliances
  • Corporate advocacy

Gifts from Habitat’s partners have included everything from paint for the exterior of the home, appliances for the interior of the home, and financial education training for the future of the new homeowners. Keep in mind that Habitat cannot secure transportation of donated products. There are many other ways a corporate or foundation partner can support Habitat.

Other ways to support Habitat:

For more information or to start a partnership, please contact:

Heather Alner
Manager Corporate Engagement

Habitat for Humanity
Europe, Middle East and Africa
Zochova 6-8
811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia

Direct: +421 2 336 690 23
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