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Advocacy resources

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Do you want to learn more about Habitat for Humanity’s advocacy efforts? These resources and publications can give you a more in-depth look at our efforts that help change laws and shape policies to improve access to decent, affordable housing for families in need of a place to call home.

Policy papers

SDG resources

Best case studies

Advocacy webinar series (2021)

  1. Best Practices of Housing and Urban Renewal
  2. Relevance of the housing and urban renewal sector in the EU-Africa Partnership
  3. SDG implementation in Africa - the case for investment in housing and urban renewal

Presentations from conferences 

Housing reviews

Shelter reports

Habitat’s annual policy-specific report highlights shelter issues around the world and recommends policy solutions.

Advocacy toolkits

Understand our approach to advocacy and help support smart policies that promote access to decent, affordable homes.


Learn more about what advocacy is, why advocacy is important and the ways Habitat for Humanity is advocating for safe, affordable housing.

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